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Science Mark Blue L

Since its founding in 1865, the University of Notre Dame's College of Science has built upon the University's world-renowned intellectual resources while building up the campus’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, the $70 million Jordan Hall of Science and its Digital Visualization Theater serving as the most recent example. What hasn't changed—and never will—is the University’s unwavering commitment to its Catholic character and the college's mission to prepare tomorrow’s scientific leaders to think big while also inspiring them to make a difference, and to share their knowledge and discoveries in ways that encourage collaboration, advance learning, and contribute to the common good. This profound sense of unity of purpose is what sets us apart.

Gradschool Mark Blue M

The University of Notre Dame's Graduate School believes that our voice is best heard through the success of those we train at the highest level to become the academic and professional leaders of tomorrow. To that end, we work in concert with a world-class faculty across a variety of disciplines to mentor and develop our students by engaging them in meaningful research and other professional activities. 

The University of Notre Dame is renowned worldwide for academic excellence, and gifted students from around the globe join us to be part of our vibrant intellectual community. As a graduate student at Notre Dame, you will benefit from generous financial support that allows you to focus on your degree objectives and from exposure to and participation in innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary pursuits. 

All of this takes place in a setting that is small enough to provide you with individual attention and large enough to provide you with all the tools necessary for your transformation from a student of a chosen discipline to a steward of that discipline—an academic or professional who uses his or her considerable knowledge and skills to enter the arena of public discussion on pressing contemporary issues, to help solve the world’s problems, or to contribute to a greater understanding of our humanity.

Engineering Mark Blue M

Engineering has been offered at the University since 1873, when Notre Dame became the first Catholic university in the country to have a school of engineering. In fact, Notre Dame boasts a long history of engineering developments in a variety of fields … from the construction of the first hand-driven wind tunnel in America (aerospace) and the successful transmission of one of the first wireless messages (communications) in the country to the discovery of a new class of actinyl peroxide compounds (energy) and demonstration of magnetic logic (computing).

When the College of Engineering was officially founded in 1920, most of the students were pursuing civil engineering, due to the nation’s need for surveyors and designers of roads, bridges, and railroads. Today, graduate and undergraduate students continue to explore a wide variety of fields through the five departments housed within the college as they search for ways to address some of society’s most pressing needs.

Nd Salmon Full

Pursuing an advanced degree requires intense focus, discipline, commitment, and even sacrifice, but it also requires a living, breathing, functioning person. Furthermore, it demands maturity, persistence, creativity, and a sense of purpose. These and other attributes of successful graduate students are nurtured in academic as well as co-curricular settings. The mission of Graduate Student Life is to provide a wide range of resources and experiences outside of the classroom, library, or lab to assist students in sustaining a healthy and happy life at Notre Dame.


The University of Notre Dame's Graduate Career Services are focused on graduate student success — helping you to be the best prepared in order to obtain strong career outcomes after your time at Notre Dame. Whether you wish to remain in academics following your degree or explore options in business, government or nonprofit, Graduate Career Services can help.

Discussing your career aspirations with a Graduate Career Consultant enables you to:

  • Explore career options and establish a plan
  • Develop your career skills and capabilities
  • Build your professional presence
  • Network and engage with employers and alumni
  • Learn to navigate the job search process

Graduate Career Consultants endeavor to engage, develop and empower students in pursuit of their career and professional development goals as the next generation of global innovators, educators and leaders.