How to Become a National Member

To become a national member, go the the AWIS Membership web page. There are varying levels of membership. Students and Postdocs are Junior Level Membership and Faculty are Sustaining or Professional Level. Becoming a national membership makes you recognized as a member at the national level AND a chapter member of AWIS-ND (please select your associated chapter is Notre Dame).

How to Become a Chapter Member

Graduate students can become member for the 2021 - 2022 academic year of the AWIS Notre Dame Chapter by paying the $10 membership fee. Follow these instructions:

  • Membership dues can be paid for online by clicking here. 
  • Once you have paid your dues, please fill out the form here so we can get to know you better!
  • Email to receive our newsletter. 

Why pay the fee when there are events that non-members can attend? This fee goes towards the continuation of our professional, outreach, and social events. In addition, there are events we do that only AWIS-ND members can attend.

AWIS-ND Membership

No AWIS-ND Membership

STEM Luncheon Series STEM Luncheon Series
End of Year Lunch End of Year Lunch
AWIS-ND Shirts: 1 Free, Additional Shirts: $10 AWIS-ND Shirts: $15
Private Lunch or Meetings with our Fall Speaker
Private Lunch or Meetings with our Behind the Bias Speakers (Spring Guest Panel)
Fall Speaker Event
Behind the Bias Panel Event
Eligible to receive AWIS-ND National Membership Award: recognition as an active member of AWIS-ND Not eligible for the free AWIS National Membership and recognition as an active member of AWIS-ND.
Exclusive Professional Development Workshops  
Exclusive AWIS Socials  

AWIS-ND National Membership Award

In May, AWIS-ND awards five to eight members of AWIS-ND who demonstrated extraordinary involvement in AWIS-ND and commitment to the AWIS-ND mission. Only AWIS-ND chapter members are eligible.


  • Maria Glenski
  • Abby Cao
  • Jade Nguyen
  • Chissa Rivaldi
  • Claire Bowen
  • Arielle Lopez
  • Evercita Eugenio
  • Hope Pearson


  • Rebecca Flaherty
  • Bonnie J. Huge
  • Diana LaTorre
  • Stephanie Lyons
  • Triet Nguyen
  • Nicole Schiavone
  • Alicia Specht


  • Kelsey DiPietro
  • Erica Gonzales
  • Suzanne Neidhart
  • Becca Love
  • Alicia Specht

AWIS-ND Shirts

How do I get a shirt and what do they look like? By becoming an AWIS-ND National or Chapter member, you will receive an AWIS-ND Shirt. Please contact AWIS-ND at if you have further questions.